Random Thoughts

According to what I heard on WFAN in New York on Sunday morning you might as well put Sam Darnold in the Pro football Hall of Fame right now.
I listen periodically to WFAN and I still can’t quite understand why New York fans are considered to be the most sophisticated sports fans in the world. I must be missing something. I still don’t get it.
Why can’t a DH be an MVP? MVP is an offensive award anyway. Brooks Robinson the greatest fielding 3rd baseman ever, won his only American League MVP award in 1964 which was the best offensive year he ever had. Brooks was a better offensive player than you might think. He had over 2800 career hits.
Don Baylor and Jim Rice won MVP’s and even though they played more games in the field for all intents and purposes they were DH’s. Same goes for Juan Gonzalez.
A moot point this year because if I had a vote and the season ended today Mookie Betts would get my vote.
Ryan Brasier is the Red Sox’ best reliever right now. I never even heard of the guy a couple of months ago. I didn’t even know how to pronounce his name until recently.
Who cares how many drops a receiver has or how many overthrows a quarterback might have in practices. I don’t believe practices count.
If I see one more comment on facebook or twitter that says Tom Brady lost to a back-up quarterback I think I’ll throw-up right here. Brady threw for 505 yards and was spectacular in the Super Bowl. It was the defense again. DUH! The three Super Bowl losses in the Tom Brady era were all about the defense.
I agree with EB, Brooks Koepka won the PGA, not Tiger, but Tiger sure made it a lot more interesting!