It’s the best time of the year, and it ain’t close!

By Eric Berry

As we near high school football, professional football, hunting seasons, MLB playoffs, fair times, and colder temperatures I have a few very random thoughts:

It was a good summer, now it’s time to get to work.

The Red Sox, at least currently, are a really good baseball team.

The above statement is a terrible understatement and only made in a guarded light by a formerly jaded Sox fans circa 2003. This team is simply ridiculously good.

There’s nothing like seeing the kids back on the field practicing at the local high schools. The excitement and “clean slate” feeling is so refreshing. Optimism abounds.

On that note I think everyone around the state thinks they’re getting a break because St. Johnsbury Academy’s football team lost a bunch of linemen. Yes, they were very good lineman. I’m thinking Rich Alercio will make it work and make it work well! My early prediction is SJA makes it to the semifinals at the very minimum, and maybe beyond!

Lyndon Institute’s Chad Simpson has to be excited with his incoming freshman class. I think LI makes a leap this year, although their first three games are no walk in the park with Woodstock on the road, and then hosting Bellows Falls and Fair Haven. Get through those games in relative good health and a 4 and 3 record going into the SJA/LI game is not out of the question.

I’m sure Jerry Remy has to be asking himself, “Why me, again”? Prayers to you and your family Jerry. Red Sox Nation certainly loves that man. Going on 18 years as the lead color commentator. Spent a lot of time in New England living rooms and I don’t think people will realize how “used to” Jerry they are currently.

I know one thing, Steve Lyons is no Jerry Remy, or Dennis Eckersley. Nothing worse than a guy who tries to be funny and is not funny at all. Nails down a chalk board.

The Yankees Aaron Boone has been chastised unmercifully by the pinstripers fans. After 117 games last year New York’s record was 62 and 55. This year after 117 games they are 74 and 43. 8 games better in the loss column than last year! Bring back Girardi you knuckleheads. Seriously, have a clue.

Preseason NFL football is hard to watch. It’s like in college when you bought the generic brand of macaroni and cheese. You know that you want the real thing but need to settle or save money for beer. Only difference now is, I can buy beer and either the Velveeta shells or the Kraft Mac and Cheese noodles. Man, I’m hungry.

Am I the only one who thinks Tiger Woods may have blown his only chance(s) of winning another Major golf tourney?

I know I’m not the only one, along with Tiger, who thinks second place sucks. Brooks Koepka won folks.

I am already jacked up about hunting season. Bear, Partridge, Deer, Rabbit……….bring it on.

For that matter, bring on hunting camp.

Only issue I have with fall right now is it means I have to move my daughter into college. I think I’m calling out on that day. The times they are a changing.

Well, go get yourself some fair food over the next couple of weeks. Like the bear, you need to get some fat on you before the winter hits. Actually, I don’t but I’m gonna eat a fried dough anyway.

Go Sox. Go Vikes. Go Fall!