Porcello! By Jack Healey

About a month ago somebody told me that Rick Porcello was a Cy Young candidate and I scoffed. Porcello for Cy ¬†Young? No way! Well he’s 21-4 after a 4 hitter against Baltimore last night and has to be the front runner for the Cy Young.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m much more into the Sox winning the World Series than individuals winning MVPs or Cy Young. I saw that as a kid. Jackie Jensen won a couple of MVPs and the Sox would finish about 80 games out of first place.

18,456 on hand in Baltimore for a game involving teams in a pennant race? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I thought Baltimore was a baseball town. Of course I remember empty seats in Baltimore during the 1970 World Series too!

9-7 again in the NFL picks so I’m now 18-14 on the year. Already wondering if it’s possible for the Patriots to win a game with a third string quarterback on a short week to prepare. It’s a lot to ask!

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