NFL Week #14, Network Policy And Going To The White House

By Jack Healey
I went 10-6 last week and I now stand at 122-68.
Thursday December 6th
Tennessee over Jacksonville
Sunday December 9th
Buffalo over NY Jets
Carolina over Cleveland
Green Bay over Atlanta
Houston over Indianapolis
Kansas City over Baltimore
NE Patriots over Miami
New Orleans over Tampa Bay
NY Giants over Washington
LA Chargers over Cincinnati
Denver over San Francisco
Arizona over Detroit
Dallas over Philadelphia
Pittsburgh over Oakland
LA Rams over Chicago
Monday December 10th
Seattle over Minnesota
I know that New York Giant fans don’t like that the New England Patriots are the home team in the Burlington, Vermont market. How about that? A team called New England is the home team in a New England market! How can that be? It’s called geography stupid!
Anyway because the New England Patriots are the home team TV stations like Fox 44 and Channel 3 in Burlington are by contract obligated to televise Patriot games starting with the kick-off, even if that means leaving a game in overtime as was the case in the Giants-Chicago game last week. Stop Whining!!! Get Direct TV or the Red Zone if you don’t like it. The Red Zone showed the rest of the Giants-Chicago game anyway. Here’s another suggestion… If you want to watch the Giants game or the Jets game in their entirety, then move to New York where those teams are actually the home teams! It’s called geography stupid!
If I had a chance to visit the White House after I played on a championship team I would go. It wouldn’t bother me whether I agreed politically with the president or not. That being said I don’t care whether players choose to go to the White House or not. It’s up to them, but I wouldn’t hold it against them one way or another. Of course that seems to bother some fans and some columnists for some strange reason. I saw one person comment that they can never root for the Red Sox again because they accepted the invitation to the White House. How absurd is that? Absolutely ridiculous!