By Jack Healey

I called for either Dez Bryant or Josh Gordon for the Patriots and I got my wish as it’s going to be Josh Gordon!
It’s a no brainer as the Patriots only give up a 5th rounder this year and Gordon comes relatively cheap. If Gordon doesn’t pan out and plays in only 10 games the Pats get a 7th rounder back.
We all know Gordon has had more of his share of off the field problems, but he’s worth the risk.
By the way there were 8-10 teams that were interested in Gordon so if the Patriots didn’t get him, somebody else would have.
Don’t talk to me about the ‘Patriot Way” either. The “Patriot Way” has nothing to do with the character of the players they bring in. Hell they had a guy who killed three people. The “Patriot Way” is about staying as consistent as they can from year to year and keeping those “peaks and valleys” to a minimum.
Of course Gordon doesn’t help the defense, but the Patriots are really thin in the wide receiver department too.
Even in a loss Tom Brady proved his greatness on Sunday. He had nothing to work with and still put up decent numbers. Why he gets no credit from so many is beyond me. You can’t question his toughness either. The guy is tough as nails!
I went 10-5 in NFL week #2 and I now stand at 17-13.