JD Martinez, Tom Brady, NFL and High School Football

By Jack Healey
Winning the World Series is the main thing, but as long as they have individual awards you might as well talk about them. That being said why isn’t JD Martinez at least a finalist in the AL MVP race? I get it about DH and all that, but MVP is an offensive award and always has been. I’ve pointed this out before, but Brooks Robinson is the greatest defensive 3rd basemen of all-time so why did his only MVP award which was in 1964 come in his best offensive year? Why didn’t he win the award in any of the other years? Because it’s an offensive award that’s why. I think the ultimate winner will be Mookie Betts so its a moot point about JD Martinez, but come on he deserves to be a finalist.
The more I watch Tom Brady the more I think that he is grossly underrated.
I went 9-4 in my NFL picks in week #9 and now stand at 81-46.
I was a perfect 6-0 in the high school football semi’s and now stand at at 103-36.
The three state championship football games will be at Rutland’s Alumni Field this Saturday November 10th.
At 11 AM it’s Division 3 between Poultney and Woodstock
At 2PM it’s Division 2 between Fair Haven and Burr and Burton
At 5PM it’s Division 1 between Rutland and Mt. Mansfield
In the Division 3 state title game Poultney at [8-2] vs. Woodstock at [10-0]. Poultney is looking for its 2nd state title and first since defeating Windsor in 2007. Poultney is 1-1 in Division 3 state title games and 0-1 in Division 2 state title games. Poultney lost to South Burlington 7-6 in the first Division 2 title game in 1970
Woodstock is making its 2nd straight appearance in the title game and is looking for its 11th state championship and first since 2013.Woodstock is 10-6 in state title games. Woodstock defeated Poultney 50-13 in the regular season game in week #6.