Jack Healey’s Blog September 5th, 2017

Rick Porcello….16 losses….leads major leagues. How bad was he last night in a game the Red Sox really had to have. I could’ve hit that piece of slop he served up to Kendrys Morales for a three run homer in the first. Talk about giving your team no chance to win.

The Yankees trail the Sox by 2 and 1/2 now in AL East, but don’t despair the lead was only 2 and a 1/2 a week ago yesterday.

Baltimore won in walk-off fashion on Sunday so they rode that momentum into the game against the Yankees yesterday. OOPS! ┬áNo they didn’t! The Toronto Blue Jays who lost that game to Baltimore somehow recovered to beat the Red Sox at Fenway 10-4. OOPS!

I’m telling you momentum from game to game is a crock! I will say again when players, coaches, managers and the media stop talking about momentum I will too. They never will of course so neither will I of course!