Jack Healey’s Blog November 13th, 2017

It was a great day of football on Saturday for the three championships in high school football at Rutland’s Alumni Field. It was Veteran’s Day and before each game the fans and players applauded the veterans who were on hand and there was a moment of silence before every game for veterans who had died. It was tastefully done and it gave me chills and it wasn’t because of the cold even though it was pretty cold. Well done !

Great crowds all day to prove once again that high school football is alive and well in Vermont!

I went 2-1 in the state tile games to end the season 115-30.

Don’t forget there is one more game to go and it’s  the 17th annual North-South Senior Bowl this Saturday November 18th at 12:30 PM at Middlebury College.

If you believe in moral victories and I really don’t in either college or the pros, Kentucky’s 73-69 victory over UVM in mens college basketball was one. I thought that Kentucky would beat UVM by more points than UVM would beat Maine-Fort Kent by later in the season. I don’t think Maine-Fort Kent will come within four points of UVM.