Jack Healey’s Blog May 1st, 2017

Interesting weekend series between Cubs and Red Sox. It was April, but it did have that October feel.

Some comeback by the Yankees on Friday night coming back from being down 9-1. Not having Zach Britton  sure hurt the O’s in that series.

I remember a Red Sox game in the early 60’s between the Red Sox and Washington Senators in which the Red Sox were trailing the Senators 12-5 going to the last of the 9th and the Sox scored 7 to tie it and won it in the last of the 10th on an RBI single by I believe Russ Nixon. The Sox won the 2nd game and I believe Nixon won that game too. I’m doing this from memory and I will look it up and get back to you tomorrow as how accurate I am in my recollection. Remember the Red Sox and the Senators were terrible back then so the amazing thing is that I actually listened to both games on the radio. I listened to the Red Sox all the time on the radio. Pretty much every inning of every game including the west coast games. Nowadays I can’t get past the first inning on week days and the games are on TV.