Jack Healey’s Blog March 5th, 2018

Remember when I wrote New York Yankee fans are the worst?
Another case in point:
Facebook blew up on Saturday when the Yankees beat the Red Sox 5-3. Comments like a win is a win! Or when the Yankees beat the Red Sox it’s sweet no matter when it is! I couldn’t believe it! It’s spring training! The games don’t count!
Geez it reminds me of the year when the New york Jets were 5-0 in the pre-season and New York Jets fans thought they were heading to the Super Bowl. Well the Jets started off the regular season 0-5 and finished something like 2-14. I guess it’s a New York thing.
Don’t get me wrong I think the Yankees are really good. I think they are loaded as a matter of fact and are my pick to win the AL East. That being said, right now it’s only spring training. If Red Sox fans were doing this you would never hear the end of it.
Then it was the constant ragging on the Red Sox NESN TV crew over and over again. The Red Sox TV crew is excellent by the way! There is nobody better than Dave O’Brien on play by play and that includes Don Orsillo.
As I wrote the other day the ragging is coming from the fans that have the worst radio broadcasting crew in sports.
Also on Saturday it was “Run To Home Base” day where the topic during the broadcast was about the annual event coming up at Fenway Park later in the season. It’s a Red Sox charity so there were several guests in the broadcast booth to talk about it.
The comments on social media:
“Get back to the game!”
“They only talked to the guests when the Yankees were up!”
Give me a break! You are supposed to be the most sophisticated fans in sports! You are not, but you are certainly the most insufferable fans in sports!