Jack Healey’s Blog July 6th, 2017

Doug Fister was not good last night. I’ve said I always liked him and I wanted the Sox to get him a couple of years ago, but you kind of wonder how many chances he’ll get especially with Eduardo Rodriguez coming back.  

Why are Red Sox fans excited about Chris Sale starting the All Star game for the American League? Sale is going tonight so it’s lining up for him to start the game. For me I rather see Sale rest and not start plus if he pitches in the game he won’t pitch in the  first game of the Yankee series after the break. No I don’t want him to pitch, but he will.

Skip Bayless of Fox Sports says Celtics fans think Gordon Hayward is the next Larry Bird. Come on Skip! I know you think you’re the “smartest one in the room”, but no Celtic fan thinks that way. Don’t be ridiculous!!!!