Jack Healey’s Blog July 5th, 2017

Glad the Celtics signed Gordon Hayward. Contrary to what you might think signing Hayward was “Plan A” for the Celtics.  

Remember everything else was speculation. This is what I’ve said before :

Only Paul George if you can sign him long term. What’s the point if you trade for a player that you only get for one year. Celtics offered more than OKC did and it didn’t work out. If you don’t sign him beyond next year it’s a worthless trade.

Would’ve liked Jimmy Butler, but he was traded elsewhere so nothing you can do about that.

Blake Griffin went back to LA Clippers. He’s injury proned and I didn’t want him. Can’t do much about a player who signs on with his former team anyway.

Obviously signing Hayward doesn’t guarantee anything, but it made sense for him to sign with a team in the East. Most of the major deals to this point have been in the West.

Nobody is going to touch Golden State for a few years anyway, but you have to at least try to close the gap a little bit.

How many big time free agents have the Celtics signed? I think like two, Al Horford last year and Gordon Hayward this year.

I think Danny Ainge did just fine this off season. Thank you!