Jack Healey’s Blog January 2nd, 2018

I should’ve stayed up for that last quarter and the overtimes of the Rose Bowl. I guess it turned into a classic. Georgia defeats Oklahoma and Alabama defeats Clemson in the Sugar Bowl so it will be an All-SEC national championship game. Does Georgia have enough on the defensive side to stop Alabama? I don’t think so, but I hope so.

UCF finished 13-0 on the year. I don’t think I gave them enough credit. Either did anybody else apparently. UCF was ranked #12 going into the Peach Bowl. So UCF beat Auburn the team that beat the two teams in the national championship game so why isn’t UCF playing in the national championship game?

Even Notre Dame won a bowl game defeating LSU in the Citrus Bowl.

Did you know that Don Criqui is still the voice of Notre Dame football? I didn’t. I thought he retired a long time ago! Criqui is now 77 years old.

Jim Harbaugh is a good coach because why?