Jack Healey’s Blog January 1st, 2018

Final day of the regular season in the NFL and I went 10-6 to move my record to 161-95. Interesting final day and the Buffalo Bills can thank Andy Dalton and the Bengals for their first playoff appearance since 1999.

Anybody notice that Atlanta’s Mohamed SanuĀ  caught a pass in the end zone yesterday and it was called a touchdown, but on further review it was called no touchdown because Sanu did not complete the catch and the ball hit the ground? Of course not because it didn’t involve the Patriots. Again my point is that the call has been consistent and it is a good rule! I hope they don’t mess around with it, but they will.

Five college football bowl games today including the National Semi’s.

I’m going with Oklahoma over Georgia in the Rose Bowl and Clemson over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Happy New Year Everybody!!!