Jack Healey’s Blog February 8th, 2018

What is the big deal with Josh McDaniels changing his mind about going to the Colts?

Changing your mind about taking a job happens all the time in life.

Bill Belichick did it when he changed his mind about going to the Jets.

Billy Donovan  changed his mind about going to the Orlando Magic.

Heck I’ve taken a job a couple of times and then changed my mind. My decision was based on my own personal happiness. Nothing more, nothing less. I wanted to be happy, not miserable so not once did I think I was being sleazy. Why do so many people think McDaniels is being sleazy? HELLO?  He has a right to change his mind. Everybody does. What is so complicated about that?

You know what is sleazy? Giving somebody a job and then taking it away. I’ve seen coaches hired by schools and then the school  decides against it. I have been offered a job and then had it taken away from me. That’s sleazy!

ESPN doesn’t have the right to pass judgement. ESPN has laid off hundreds and many of them uprooted their families. That’s sleazy!

What McDaniels did is not sleazy! He chose his own happiness! He doesn’t owe anything to anybody! The assistants that were going to go to Indianapolis have jobs. No worries there.

McDaniels did what was best for him. Why should anybody care? Oh it concerned the Patriots! That couldn’t be it, could it?