Jack Healey’s Blog February 26th, 2018

I like that the Bruins got Rick Nash, but did they give up too much for a rental? Don’t know, but don’t like giving up the #1 draft choice this year.
Want to talk dynasty? How about 30 straight state championships for the Mt. Anthony wrestling team? Unbelievable!
Interesting article in the Boston Globe yesterday by Chris Gasper. He said athletes have as much right to express their political opinions as any other American who may do something else for a living. I agree except the athlete does have a public forum to express his or her opinions and the average American does not. Also the public cares more about how the athlete performs on the floor, ice or field than they do about the athlete’s political opinion.
Also there is such a thing as having cachet. Opinions are great, but I sure would like the opinions of people who actually do that for a living.
As an example when I hear somebody who is actually in the media critique somebody in the media I value that opinion more so than Mr. average citizen doing the critiquing who isn’t in the media.
If you don’t know what cachet means let me tell you. ” It’s the state of being respected or admired;prestige. In other words status, standing, clout, kudos, stature, preeminence, street credibility. Yes it’s called cachet. Not everybody has it!