Jack Healey’s Blog December 5th, 2017

Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese are gone from the Giants. No surprise there!

Rob Gronkowski got a one game suspension and no surprise there. The punishment is fair. Gronk should just take the suspension and move on. I think it’s really stupid that he’s appealing because if it’s delayed he misses the game against Pittsburgh instead of the game against Miami. That would be almost as dumb as the  late hit in the first place.

Yesterday I wrote about an idiot on facebook who thought that Gronk should be suspended for the rest of the regular season and I said the public has the audacity to talk about the media. As Lee Corso likes to say…”Not so fast!” I forgot about those little devils called the New York sportswriters. Yes Gary Myers of the New York Daily News wrote just that yesterday. Come on man! That’s ridiculous! That’s almost as bad as the New York Post’s George King leaving Pedro Martinez completely off his MVP ballot in 1999 because he didn’t think a pitcher should be an MVP. That’s fine, but in another year he gave David Wells an MVP vote. Yes David Wells…pitcher.  Again…Come on man! I do like some of the New York writers though. I think Joel Sherman is top notch and I always thought Mike Lupica was great too!

I went 12-4 in the NFL this week so my overall record is 116-76.