Jack Healey’s Blog August 29th, 2017

Last week Pedro Martinez commented about Gary Sanchez taking a bunch of cheap shots during the brawl with the Detroit Tigers. Oh my did they come out of the woodwork on social media again!

What gives Pedro the right to comment about anything concerning cheap shots as he threw an old man {Don Zimmer}to the ground in the 2003 playoffs? No he didn’t! Look at the tape! Geez talk about fake news!

Pedro was on the first base side, Zimmer was on the 3rd base side and Zimmer zig zagged his way through about 100 players {hyperbole} to charge at Pedro. Zimmer was stumbling as he lunged toward Pedro who brushed him away and Zimmer went to the ground. It was hardly slamming an old man to the ground.

By the way if Cleveland wants more from the Celtics in the Kyrie Irving trade, the Celtics should demand Lebron in return. Let me repeat that Isaiah Thomas’ hip injury was hardly a secret. Cleveland knew exactly what they were getting. What ever happened to “Buyer Beware?”