Jack Healey’s Blog August 28th, 2017

I guess in the next seven days we will see if the Red Sox have any guts.

Explain to me again how David Price was faking an injury. I’m telling you the Sox need Price!

The Patriots are going to miss Julian Edleman more than they missed Rob Gronkowski last year. Actually the Pats didn’t miss Gronk at all since as you know they won the Super Bowl. The Patriots can win the Super Bowl again this year, but without Edleman it just got that much harder. What’s the excuse for the rest of the AFC East going to be this year?

What’s the problem with Cleveland in the Isaiah Thomas trade? They knew he had a hip injury before the trade. It wasn’t as if the Celtics kept it a secret. All I’ve heard is it was the Brooklyn pick the Cavaliers wanted anyway. Unless they give up a nothing draft choice, I hope the Celtics stand their ground and don’t give in, even if it means having the trade voided. If that happens then all of the critics of the Celtics end of the trade can say the Celtics got the best part of the trade after all.

I wasn’t interested enough in the Mayweather-McGregor bout to pay for it, but I was interested enough to wonder who won when I got up on Sunday morning. I thought Mayweather would win, but the fight went longer than I thought it would.