Jack Healey’s Blog August 24th, 2017

I thought I assessed the Cleveland-Celtics trade pretty well yesterday so no need to go into the details again here, but to repeat I give the Celtics the edge. The best player in the trade is Kyrie Irving. That is the only assessment you need.

The Celtics must’ve got the best of the trade because non- Celtic fans keep talking about it. Looks like they are trying to talk themselves into it being a bad trade for the Celtics or rationalizing or something like that. As they say” The devil is in the details.”

I hated to see Thomas and Crowder go, but come on Crowder isn’t Bill Russell.

I said yesterday that I didn’t know if the Celtics could beat Cleveland in a series, but the Celtics are better. Cleveland might still be better, but it’s because they still have Lebron. It’s not because they have Thomas or Crowder or Kyrie Irving either for that matter.

About the Robert Lee situation at ESPN that I mentioned yesterday. Quite frankly even though I’ve seen some outrage on social media, it’s not as much as I expected. Maybe that shouldn’t surprise me, but it does! People whine on social media all the time about nothing so why not now? I think it is a big deal, not because anybody cares about who the announcer is, but the reason why Robert Lee was taken off the Virginia football game again is MIND BOGGLING!