Jack Healey’s Blog August 17th, 2017

I am not a Vermonter, but I have been in Rutland for 46 years. I get Rutland and I get Vermont. As a matter of fact I think I know Rutland better than  many people that I know that grew up here.

That’s why I am amazed that there is a certain Boston Sports Talk Show host who has been in New England for at least 25 years and doesn’t get Boston. His name is Michael Felger and he doesn’t get what the 1967 Red Sox meant to Boston. HE DOESN’T Get IT! He doesn’t get that the Red Sox were terrible for so many years, nobody went to the games and the only excitement would be if Dick Radatz was going to pitch.Until 1967 you could literally walk up to the ticket window and buy a seat in the first row behind the dugout. That team only won the American League pennant, it did not win the World Series and even though now I think that you either win the World Series or you don’t, it was different back then because winning the pennant came out of nowhere. The Red Sox were a 100-1 shot. You see, unlike Michael Felger, I get it. I was 19 , I grew up 25 miles north of Boston and I will never forget that magical 1967 season. It was the “Impossible Dream!”  I knew the album by heart at one time and so did every one of my friends! Yes I get it! Too bad Michael Felger doesn’t. Many of the 1967 players were honored at Fenway last night and oh boy did they bring back some wonderful memories and I’m not going to let Micheal Felger or anybody else spoil it for me!