EB and Johnny’s Ticket to the Game for Kids!

15 tickets to the Red Sox awarded to local families!


EB and Johnny’s Ticket to the Game for Kids! program recently has awarded 15 tickets to local kids and their families who either have never been to a Red Sox game, or to any professional contest whatsoever!  Each of the families will be attending a game at Fenway Park this fall.


We received some unbelievably compelling letters from several individuals and, simply, couldn’t say no to any of our latest applicants.  We were moved to tears when one young man wrote, “I would also bring my ‘pepere’ because he’s been sad ever since my ‘memere’ died and I think it would make him happy, and I miss her so it would also make me happy.”  It was inspiring to hear of the trials and tribulations of two single moms who have worked so hard to keep their family unit intact.  Tickets were awarded to those single moms who have worked incredibly hard, and also to a family of two boys who will go to the game with their Dad.


Nominations came in all forms-from family members who have watched their kids battle life’s obstacles, or from family friends who thought it would be great if a family or a kid could just have a night on their own, in a ballpark together.  And who could argue?  Not us.


EB and Johnny’s Ticket to the Game for Kids! program was established in 2014 and is a not for profit organization.  If you would like to donate to our program please contact Eric or Johnny at eberry@nsnsports.net or jallen@nsnsports.net  All donations are tax deductible.