Jack Healey Blog September 29th, 2016

I don’t care how they did it the Red Sox won the American League East last night. It doesn’t really matter how. The Yankees staved off elimination for at least another day in the wildcard and The Sox are now a game and a half behind Texas for the best overall record in the league. Other than that it really was meaningless the way things went. Mark Teixeira is feeling pretty good about himself as he winds down his career. He actually helped the Sox clinch by hitting that tying homer in the 9th against Toronto the other day. Remember? Thanks Mark!

By the way there is no backing in to the title either.It’s impossible in baseball because you play 162 games. That means somewhere along the line you got to win yourself and the Sox did. In August and September the Sox had three grueling road trips two of 11games including two trips to the west coast one of which ended with a three game series against Toronto and the 10 game trip they are ending tonight. They went 5-6, 7-4 and will either be 7-3 or 8-2 on the current one depending on tonight’s game. Not bad! Congratulations Red Sox you won the AL East and you deserve it.

I predicted the Sox for no better than 3rd before the season started. I didn’t like the pitching, but either did a lot of people and it was pretty bad at times. Right now I like their chances!

By the way if Toronto didn’t blow the game last night and the game on Monday to the Yankees I’d be in full time panic mode right now. Instead I’m basking in the glow of the AL East championship and unlike George I don’t have an empty feeling at all. Not at all!

I’m going with Cincinnati over Miami in the NFL tonight. I’ll get to the rest of the NFL and the high school predictions in my blog tomorrow.