George Commo’s Blog – Empty Feeling

The Red Sox just won the America East Championship. So why do I feel so empty? Could it be because the Sox took a 3-0 lead into the bottom of the 9th inning, then found out Toronto had lost to Baltimore, thus ensuring them the title, and proceded to blow the lead and lost the game … to the bleeping Yankees no less …

After the game the Sox didn’t seem to know what to do until John Farrell spoke up and told them not to let one bad inning deprive them the chance to celebrate a well earned title. After that the champagne flowed and the party was on … but it had a weird empty feeling to it.

Certainly there was good that came out of this game … starting with another strong outing from Clay Buchholtz … but again you come away uncertain of others … like Craig Kimbrell who gave up a hit and three straight walks in the ninth. But hopefully that was just evidence of something we knew months ago. Do not use Kimbrell in a non-save situation. When the word got around that the Jays had lost and the Sox were in Kimbrell blew up. Nothing to save anymore.

Bottom line … the Sox are the AL East champs and after a day or two it won’t matter a bit how it happened tonight. But still … tonight they took a lot of the fun out of it.