George Commo’s Blog – Wednesday 9/28/16

Red Sox fans have been flying along on an incredible ride over the last week and a half … but last night they hit some turbulence … the winning streak is over … that is okay …. the Sox weren’t going to win every game the rest of the way.  Certainly last night’s performance by David Price left us shaking our heads … but he has been so good down the stretch that I for one am more than willing to give him a mulligan. But now it is time to get it done. Don’t stretch this thing out. Beat the Yankees tonight so we can fully zero in on the second season.

By the way, am I the only one who fears Toronto more than anyone else going into the second season?


Everything was coming up roses for the UVM Men’s soccer team heading into this past weekend … an 8-1 record through their first nine games … a national ranking and all that. But now off an overtime tie with Dartmouth and an overtime loss to Hartwick … both at home … the Catamounts have to regroup a little bit. They are still a superb team … loaded with talent … maybe these two games will get them refocused which in the long run will be the best thing for them.


Talking baseball … soccer … and of course we are right in the middle of the football season … but hockey is here too. And I’m not just talking about the World Cup, which after a fun start has evolved into something of a bore.  No, I’m talking college hockey. UVM has their hockey media today up at Gutterson … the Vermont men have a home exhibition game this Saturday night at the Gutt and the Catamount women open their regular season this weekend, too. Oh, and for you D-3 fans the ice went in at Kreitzberg Arena yesterday and Norwich opens their regular season one month from today.