Jack Healey Blog October 5th, 2016

The Toronto-Baltimore AL wild card game was a classic! The NL wild card game between the Mets and Giants would be hard pressed to surpass that, but I’m going with the Giants to win that one.

Fans talk a lot about the genius of Bill Belichick in the NFL even though he has had some blunders as I’ve pointed out.

Buck Showalter gets the same genius treatment in baseball. Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a very good manager, but he hasn’t won anything. Teams seem to win after he leaves. Anyway he is being criticized for not using Zack Britton last night.I know he wanted to save him for the final inning if he got the lead and I get that during the regular season , but this was a do or die game. Save him? Save him for what? The opening of spring training? Sorry Buck you had to have Britton in there. Maybe somebody else coughs up the lead in the last inning, but of course we will never know.

I watched a little bit of Arnold Palmer’s memorial service yesterday. I know many people spoke, but the only one I saw was Annika Sorenstam and she was outstanding!