George Commo’s Blog – Wednesday 10/5/16

Well are Grady Little and Pete Carroll off the hook this morning?

No, I guess they will NEVER be off the hook, but at least they have been joined on the podium by a new member on the list of managerial/coaching mind bending blunders.

Buck Showalter and his Orioles were facing elimination in the 11th inning last night in Toronto. Two on, one out and the due hitters Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista . At your disposal the best closer in the game. But the book says playing on the road you save your closer until you have the lead … no matter what. So Buck left Zach Britton in the pen and stayed with Ubaldo Jiminez instead.

5-2 Toronto …  BUCK WHAT IN THE ________ WERE YOU THINKING!