Jack Healey Blog October 12th

Amazing comeback by the Cubs as they score four in the 9th to advance to the NLCS. I really thought the Giants would win the series, but obviously their horrible bullpen proved to be their Achilles Heel. So now people will say it’s in the cards for the Cubs and they are the “team of destiny”. Not so fast! They still have work to do. I still don’t think they do it.

Now that word momentum is being used again. That’s momentum from game to game. Momentum happens within a game, but game to game momentum? No way! As if  I haven’t proved  it a million times already it is the most ridiculous concept in sports. Here it goes :

The Cubs have momentum now. Really?  What about the winner of the Washington-Dodgers series?  They won’t have momentum?

Cleveland had the momentum by beating the Red Sox in three straight. Why is it that people talk about momentum when a team wins a game, but never talk about it when a team loses?  The Jays won in three straight just like Cleveland so who has the momentum going into the ALCS? It isn’t going to be a tie.

Again ridiculous! Washington had momentum after winning game 3, but lost game 4. So the Dodgers win game 5 because they won game 4. Really? Can you guarantee it ? Of course not.

The concept of momentum from game to game is a joke. I just proved here again!

I’m finished now or at least until the word momentum comes up again. It will. That I can guarantee!