Jack Healey Blog October 11th

Well it’s all over! Both for the Red Sox and for the career of David Ortiz.

As for Ortiz, the next stop the Hall of Fame. Or will it be? The 2003 PED test may or may not come back to haunt him.

Who knows what the voters will be thinking in five years. I repeat I have never thought Ortiz got a free pass concerning the 2003 test. It was just the opposite. When you are one of three or four outed from a list of 104 players in a list that is supposed to be anonymous that is not getting a free pass. Seems pretty simple to me. There are a few players from that list who are in the Hall of Fame by the way.

To the season! Losing in the playoffs is no consolation. It’s the same thing as not making the playoffs at all. I’m sorry the season is a bust and it’s right down the drain. Historically speaking you can always look back with a different perspective, but right now it’s a season in which you didn’t win. I know it’s hard to win it all and if you’re a fan odds are that your team won’t win. Still at the end there is one winner.

By the way I was in favor of the Drew Pomerantz trade, but he did have the tendency to give up the big home runs. He did it again last night.

I usually don’t get to stay up for all the games because I get up really early, but the Giants-Cubs game was still going on when I got up this morning and I got to watch the 13th inning. In case you missed it the Giants stayed alive with a 6-5 victory.

Another mediocre NFL picking week. I went 8-6 and my record is now 42-35.

I join the rest of the state in mourning the loss of the four students from Harwood Union High School who lost their lives in that horrific crash on Saturday night on Rte. 89 in Williston. Another student at my alma mater KUA in Meriden, New Hampshire also was killed. My heart is broken for the families.

As for the alleged driver Steven Bourgoin of Williston it is another story of a life gone wrong. Bourgoin went to high school at Rutland High School in the mid to late 90’s and was a standout football player. His father the late Jack Bourgoin was a former Athletic Director at Rutland High. Steven’s brother Kevin is the offensive coordinator at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.