Jack Healey Blog November 3rd, 2016

Sorry I missed an epic game 7. I lost every round of my predictions as I said Cleveland in 7. Of course it’s all a flip of the coin.

Cleveland went down fighting and they deserve a lot of credit , but they were up in the series 3-1 and were going home for the final two games.

They actually ended up losing  three of their four home games. That will sting for a long time. Week #9 in the NFL:


I’m going with Atlanta over Tampa Bay


Pittsburgh over Baltimore

Dallas over Cleveland

Kansas City over Jacksonville

Miami over NY Jets

Minnesota over Detroit

NY Giants over Philadelphia

Carolina over Los Angeles

New Orleans over San Francisco

Green Bay over Indianapolis

San Diego over Tennessee

Oakland over Denver


Seattle over Buffal0


I went 8-4 last week and now stand at 69-49.