Jack Healey Blog May 26th, 2017

Well I guess the Cavaliers put the Celtics out of their misery. Cleveland winning the series 4-1 and will take on the Golden State Warriors for the NBA title for the third straight year.

The Celtics actually did better than I expected overall as I didn’t think they would win a game. They have a ways to go, but their future is bright.

I love the banter[ I really actually hate it] on social media about who is the best ever Michael Jordan or Lebron? You can back up your arguments by statistics, but as always it’s a matter of opinion. It’s like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder. I think Michael is the best, but I have no problem with people thinking lebron is or anybody else for that matter. I have one criteria, you have to give credit to the ones you don’t think are the best ever. It’s called objectivity! I don’t know why objectivity is so hard for the average fan.

Back to Golden State vs. Cleveland in the Finals. I’m going with Golden State in 6. They won’t blow a 3-1 lead this year! by the way I hope people don’t talk about rust when it comes to Golden State. By the time game 1 rolls around on Thursday June 1st it will be a week since the Cavaliers have played too. They have as much chance to be rusty as Golden State does.

Got to give Pittsburgh credit getting the job done against ottawa in game 7. That’s two game 7 wins for the pens this year. It’s Nashiville vs. Pittsburgh in the Stanley Cup Finals with game 1 on Monday in Pittsburgh. I’m going with Nashville in 6!