Jack Healey Blog May 29th, 2017

David Price is making his season debut for the Red Sox against the White Sox this afternoon. I was watching a show in Boston last night and a few of the hosts said the Red Sox were setting Price up for failure.

How does anybody know? Price could get hammered just like his two rehab starts, but he could also toss a 2 hitter. That’s the beauty of baseball. You never know. Did anybody predict a shutout by Brian Johnson on Saturday? I certainly didn’t!

I’m not a big racing guy, but there is something special about the Indianapolis 500! I love the pre- race stuff and whether it’s Jim Nabors or anybody else the singing of “Back home Again In Indiana” is spectacular! Don’t get me wrong i don’t watch the whole race, but I do check in periodically and I watched the last 10 laps or so. It was exciting!