Jack Healey Blog May 19th, 2017

My prediction was that the Celtics get swept in the series against the Cavaliers and of course I still believe that, but if the Celtics are going to win one in the series it will be tonight.

I’m not a Lebron hater. As a matter of fact I like him and I think he’s a great player, but I root against him. I just don’t want him to win that’s all! Is that ok?

I felt the same way about Peyton Manning. I didn’t hate him and as a matter of fact I like him and I love his personality and his commercials and all that stuff and I have always felt that he could be the best of all-time, but I just didn’t want him to win and I always rooted against him. Is that ok too?

I’ve been watching the USCAA small college baseball national championship the last couple of days at East Field in Glens Falls, New York. The first time I had visited that ball park since the mid 80’s when Glens Falls had the White Sox and Tiger affiliates in the old double A Eastern league. It probably could use an upgrade, but it’s still a pretty good ball park. By the way the College of St. Joes of Rutland is one win a way from being a repeat national champion!

George and I are back on with NSN Sports Talk today from 10-noon. Join us!