Jack Healey Blog March 27th, 2017

Congratulations to Norwich University on its Division 3 national championship in mens college hockey. Mike McShane does a fantastic job and he did it again this year. He is some kind of coach and you have to love those Boston North Shore guys!!  [McShane is from Wakefield, Massachusetts on the North Shore of Boston]Norwich is the standard that other Division 3 programs aspire to be.

Ok I’m going to tell you about my bracket even though I can’t stand it when people do that. My only Final Four team is North Carolina as I had Kansas beating Arizona in the final. These people who say that they had the Final Four of North Carolina, Gonzaga, South Carolina and Oregon are either really lucky or liars. North Carolina was one thing, but Gonzaga and South Carolina? I know Gonzaga was a #1 seed, but they have never been to the final four and either has South Carolina. South Carolina was a #7 seed plus Oregon hasn’t been to the Final Four since 1939. I know every year is different and anything can happen and I give those teams credit, but to predict it? Come on!

I saw a lot of basketball over the weekend and the games were great, but the mens Division 1 hockey Regionals were great too. I saw four games, three went into overtime and the other went into double overtime. I know there are no office brackets for hockey and some of the games are on ESPNU or ESPN 3, but boy they were exciting. Nowhere near as popular as basketball, but many fans don’t know what they’re are missing. It’s FANTASTIC!