Jack Healey Blog February 8th, 2017

Come on people on social media. You are embarrassing yourselves! I’m not talking about Patriots fans either. I think you have a right to enjoy yourself after a championship. If the Patriots lost people would be posting for weeks. Heck if the Patriots lose a regular season game it’s posted for weeks.

I get it:

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are better than Tom Brady because they did it without cheating and the tuck rule…blah,blah,blah!

Yes they are great, but both Bradshaw and Montana played with about 7 or 8 future Hall of Famers. They also both played with two of the greatest wide receivers of all time. Montana with Jerry Rice who is probably the best of all time and Bradshaw with Lynn Swan certainly one of the best.

How many future Hall of Famers do you think are on the Patriots now or during any part  of Brady’s career.

Do what you want, but as I said you’re embarrassing yourselves. Do me a favor. Please be just a little bit objective.Please!