Jack Healey Blog December 20th, 2016

Yes the defense played well for the Patriots in the victory over Denver on Sunday and it certainly bailed out the offense, but again it wasn’t done against a prolific offense or a prolific quarterback. Yes the jury is still out on the defense as far as I’m concerned. That being said you play who is on your schedule.

Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey will skip the Sun Bowl on December 30th against North Carolina to prepare for the NFL draft. McCaffrey said last week he would be skipping his senior season.

I can see McCaffrey’s point and the game is meaningless, but don’t you owe it to your team?

It’s a bad precedent ! What’s to stop any pro prospect from skipping a bowl game in the future? Every senior or underclassmen who aspires to play pro football could be doing that in the future.

I went 9-7 in Week #15 in pro football. i now stand at 141-81.