Jack Healey Blog December 19th, 2016

Yes the New York Giants are NFC contenders, but so are the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys to name a few.

Eight division championships in a row for the Patriots is remarkable especially in the salary cap era.

Does icing a kicker with a time out before a potential game tying or game winning field goal really work? I really don’t know the stats and maybe it does work, but why give the kicker a practice kick? It makes no sense to me. Kansas city coach Andy Reid blew it yesterday by calling a time out just before Ryan Succop missed on a 53 yard field goal attempt for Tennessee. Succop got a 2nd chance and hit the field goal to win the game.

The Giants used walkie talkies illegally and therefore were cheating, but you don’t hear anybody calling them cheaters! I’m being facetious because it’s much ado about nothing, but if the Patriots did it we would never hear the end of it!