Jack Healey Blog December 12th, 2016


The Giants beat Dallas for the 2nd time so out come the “tough to beat a team three times” quotes. Yes it is, it’s tough to beat a team even once. The thing is if Dallas and the Giants meet again, either one only has to beat the other once, not three times. It’s simple to me, but its just about the most overused saying in sports. Almost as overused as momentum!

I saw a column in the Boston Globe yesterday saying that Marvin Miller deserved to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I can see the point and maybe he does and very well could get into the Hall in the future. He changed the game, but not necessarily for the better in my opinion. It’s better for the players…that’s for sure!

Same column said that many are critical of Bud Selig’s induction because of the PED’s and the steroid era and he looked the other way etc. Did he? What could he have done about it? The players resisted testing for years and I blame them 100%, not Selig.