George Commo’s Blog – Sunday Evening 12/11/16

The area’s Division Three hockey teams have reached the semester break and fans in Middlebury and Plattsburgh have to be shaking their heads, trying to figure out what the hey is going on.

In Middlebury the Panther Men are 0-8. No, that is not a misprint … Middlebury is 0-8. I would venture that it may be the first time a Middlebury hockey team has EVER been 0-8.  I have only seen them twice, in their two games at the Primelink Great Northern Shootout a couple of weeks ago. They were struggling sure, but not 0-8 struggling. They are young and Coach Neil Sinclair is trying various combinations to get them going. But there is talent there and my gut says they will turn it around in the second semester. But trying to climb out of an 0-8 hole … 0-6 in NESCAC conference play … is going to be a tall order.

Things aren’t quite that bad in Plattsburgh, but the Cardinals reach the break at .500 overall, 5-5, and under .5oo in SUNYAC Conference play at 3-4.  If the playoffs in a very tough SUNYAC began today (They don’t but if they did) the Cardinals would not make them. Again, I fully expect this to turn around. There is way too much talent at Stafford Ice Arena to not be a strong playoff contender … but the always supportive Plattsburgh fans are more than a little antsy.

Both teams get back into action hosting tournaments on New Years weekend. It will be interesting to see how they come out .