Jack Healey Blog April 6th, 2017

Cleveland pounded the Celtics last night to take a one game lead in the Eastern Conference. Now does anybody think the Celtics can beat Cleveland in a four game series? The Celtics would be lucky to win more than one game. Cleveland the #1 seed or the #2 seed in the East. Does it really matter?

What’s the big deal about the Patriots talking to Adrian Peterson? I get it about whether he can still play or not plus his off the field stuff, but the Patriots have only talked to him so what’s with all the criticism?

If they sign him that’s a different story and they deserve criticism, but they have only talked to him! Talk about putting “The cart before the horse!”

It doesn’t get the publicity as college basketball, but the NCAA Division 1 Frozen 4 is tonight in Chicago.

At 6PM Harvard vs. Minnesota-Duluth

At 9:30PM Denver vs. Notre Dame. Both games on ESPN 2 and the National Championship game is Saturday night.