Jack Healey Blog April 7th, 2017

I think Brad Marchand was lucky to get only two games. Even luckier that it’s for the final two regular season games rather than in the playoffs.

I wish either Notre Dame or Harvard or both got into the national championship game in college hockey. I guess we will have to “settle” for Minnesota-Duluth vs. Denver. I’m rooting for Minnesota-Duluth. I went out there with UVM hockey in 2004 and enjoyed it immensely. At that time the hockey arena and the hotel and a mall were all basically in the same place on the shores of Lake Superior. I didn’t go outside once in the three days I was there. I will always remember that the radio voice of Minnesota-Duluth told me that Lake Superior was bigger than the Indian Ocean and I believed him. He also told me that the flight between Minneapolis and Anchorage, Alaska was only a couple of hours. I believed him on that too. It’s actually about six hours which I found out first hand the following year. Also what I remember about my trip to Duluth was that it was the day after the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series. I could’ve flown to Duluth without a plane!

The US and Canada again in the Womens World Hockey Championships. They have met in the final every year in the 19 year history of the tournament.

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