Jack Healey Blog April 14th, 2017

The NBA Playoffs are starting up this weekend with first round match-ups and this is the way I see them:

Celtics vs. Chicago. I agree that the Celtics aren’t going to win anything and they might be a weak #1 seed, but I think they beat the Bulls in 6.

Cleveland vs. Indiana. The question is can the Cavs turn on the switch? I say they can and win this series in 5.

Memphis vs. San Antonio. San Antonio in 5.

Milwaukee vs. Toronto. Toronto in 6.

Utah vs. LA Clippers. Clippers in 7.

Atlanta vs. Washington. Washington in 6.

Oklahoma City vs. Houston. This is looking like a great series and I say OKC in 7.

Golden State vs. Portland. Just give the trophy to the Warriors and it starts here with a four game sweep!

No sports show on NSN today or Tuesday. We will catch you on Friday April 21st!