Wrong again!

I got to say I went with North Carolina last night, but I’m  happy that Villanova won! I sort of have a first degree of separation with Villanova as I’ve met Rollie Massimino and I’ve met Jay Wright. That must’ve been it.

How lucky is Jim Nanz? Calling the “Final 4” and now it’s The Masters! As long as I’m dropping names, I’ve met Jim Nanz too.

The Villanova radio call of the game winning shot was fantastic!

I think North Carolina has more “pseudo” fans than any other college  basketball program except for maybe Duke or Kansas. Villanova will have a few fans jumping on the bandwagon too I’m sure!

I think UCONN wins tonight in the NCAA womens championship game and I don’t think the game will be decided on a buzzer beater three pointer! If I’m wrong on these two predictions, I give up!….Jack Healey