UCONN Is Good!

The UCONN womens basketball team finished the mission…..period or should I say EXCLAMATION POINT! You can argue about men vs. women, no competition and whatever else you want to talk about, but how about just saying WOW! Just give them credit. That’s all!

I’m astounded that there were so many people who complained about the so called biased coverage of the Final 4 and the championship game coverage in mens basketball. They didn’t realize that there was national coverage and also individual coverage of the teams participating. In other words on Monday night you got the North Carolina coverage, the Villanova coverage and the National coverage. I thought the public was smart enough to know the difference. Apparently many are not. I shouldn’t be astounded or surprised though because judging by social media the public seems to think they’re experts on just about everything….including the media!…..Jack Healey