High School Football,David Price, NFL, and Incomparable Joe Buck

By Jack Healey
Another impressive win for Rutland as the Raiders romped over Rice last Friday night by a score of 49-26. Dakota Peters with four touchdowns. Rutland is now #1 in the QPR with two games to go in the regular season. The Raiders will be hosting Essex this Friday night and will finish up at Burlington/South Burlington a week from Friday. I think Rutland is going to run the table. Mt. Mansfield is now #2 in QPR. Both Rutland and Mt. Mansfield are 5-1.Rice is #3, Hartford #4, Burlington/South Burlington and St. Johnsbury are tied for 5th followed by Colchester and Middlebury.
How about the game for Fair Haven quarterback Cam Coloutti who threw for 640 yards and 8 touchdowns in the Slaters’ 62-42 win over U32 on Friday night?
I went 12-3 in my high school football picks and I now stand at 65-27.
The Red Sox played the whole season to get home field advantage and lost it in just one game. The ALDS with the Yankees is tied 1-1 and I feel like the Yankees are up 3-0. As Dan Shaughnessey of the Boston Globe puts it the Red Sox have lost their swagger and the Yankees have got theirs.
The bull pen was better in the Sox loss on Saturday night,but that was after the horse had left the barn. Big difference! The key is the bull pen pitching well when the team has the lead.
I’ll repeat David Price wasn’t terrible this season, but for some reason he can’t get it done in the post season. Also the Yankees are his DADDY!
I don’t care what Gary Sanchez’s offensive numbers have been or what his liability might be defensively, but he is dangerous and can hit home-runs. I would trade all three Red Sox catchers for Sanchez in a second.
The greatness of Joe Buck! Joe was broadcasting another game, but in describing Greg Joseph’s game winning overtime field goal for Cleveland in its win over Baltimore he said” Joseph’s field goal looked just like Mark McGwire’s 62nd home-run in 1998.” Absolutely brilliant! Joe Buck is top notch and the public continues to trash him. Again I just don’t get!