High School Football Week #4, Matt Patricia And Matt Patricia

By Jack Healey
I went 10-6 in high school football and now stand at 41-21. It’s halfway through the season and five teams stand at 3-1. In order according to the QPR standings the five are: Rice, Burlington/South Burlington, Mt. Mansfield, Colchester and Rutland. Four teams are 2-2.
Of all the games played over the weekend, the biggest surprise to me was Burr and Burton’s 48-14 win over Fair Haven. It wasn’t so much that Burr and Burton won, but I am somewhat shocked by the score. Fans are reminded that Burr and Burton clobbered Fair Haven in the regular season last year as well and Fair Haven came back to win the Division 2 state championship. That’s true, but Burr and Burton and Fair Haven never had a rematch because Bellows Falls knocked off Burr and Burton in the semi’s.
A great weekend for NSN as there were several games video cast around the state.
NSN is the best thing to happen in the history of Vermont media. It would be even better if more sponsors stepped up to advertise. Advertisers should be knocking the doors down at NSN.
Just a question. If it’s about the kids how come more schools and advertisers don’t get it about NSN? It astounds me!
By the way a big thank you to the people who do advertise. You people get it!
The Matt Patricia defense beat the Matt Patricia defense yesterday. How did the Patriots not score more against Patricia’s Detroit defense? Detroit sure could score against Patricia’s Patriots defense.
Of course the Patriots play calling has been terrible for the last two weeks. I know the Pats have no weapons right now, but the play calling has been ridiculous.
Speaking of the Patriots defense….remember Malcolm Butler? Yes many were wondering the same thing I was about why he didn’t play in the Super Bowl. Anyway maybe it didn’t matter because to this point in the season Butler has given up more yardage than any corner back in the NFL!