High School Football Week #4 And No More Whining!

By Jack Healey
I went 13-2 in the high school football picks for the 2nd straight week so my record now stands at 43-16.
Hard to believe that the season is half over.
The Patriots did the right thing and had no other choice to ultimately let Antonio Brown go. The rest of you fans can stop your whining now.
As I wrote last week it was never about the moral high ground, it was about the Patriots! Antonio Brown said on twitter that he wouldn’t be playing in the NFL again, but if he ever does play for another team again I suspect that nobody will say hardly a word. Maybe at the beginning, but I’m pretty sure it would die down after a day or 2 because after all it wouldn’t be about the Patriots. It wasn’t about the moral high ground, it was about the Patriots being better with him and fans knew it!
I already heard a comment from a person [not a Patriots fan] who said to me that the Patriots did the right thing by dropping Brown and then he went on to say, but what if he does play again and Kansas City picks him up and they will have Tyreek Hill on one side and Antonio Brown on the other so imagine how good they would be. Of course nothing about a couple of bad guys! That pretty much proves my point doesn’t it? Stop the bull about the moral high ground!