NFL Week #3 And Yaz

By Jack Healey
Another tough week in the NFL as I went 9-7 and I now stand at 28-19.
I wrote here last week that I was somewhat disappointed in the Yaz stuff at Fenway Park.
I realized that if you were born in 1967 you would be 52 now. Yea I thought about that, but still no excuse. Geez if you’re a Red Sox fan you have to know about 1967 and Yaz and all that regardless of when you were born. I wasn’t around during the Babe Ruth era, but I know all about that. I wasn’t around when George Washington was president, but I know about him. Yea you might not have been around in 1967, but you should know everything about “The Impossible Dream.”
Daniel Jones had a heck of a debut for the Giants on Sunday, but I have to shake my head with the dimwits on social media. Many were saying things like “where are the doubters now?”
I seem to recall that everybody was a doubter and outside of the Giants front office and coaches nobody has a right to ask that question.