High School Football Is Underway by Jack Healey

Week #1 in high school football is in the books!

The toughest week to predict games is the first week so I’m pretty happy that I went 13-3.

I’m really surprised by Hartford’s 41-3 victory over Brattleboro. Not so much surprised that Hartford won, but the score surprised me. Brattleboro had a few players missing, but still.

The Red Sox lost a tough one as Eduardo Rodriguez lost his no-hit bid with 2 outs in the 8th. His pitch count was getting up there so I doubt he comes back in the 9th if the Sox still didn’t score.

The Sox certainly have some excruciating losses this year and that was another one.

I say it over and over again, but every game is a separate entity and momentum does not carry over! Geez how many times do I have to say it? 27 runs in two games and can’t score in the next game!

Not condoning it and the Patriots’ Rob Ninkovitch might not know what he took ( I know they all say that and how can you be stupid enough to take something you’re not sure of), but PEDs don’t mean the same to me in football as they do in baseball. No records are being tainted and to me it’s you against the guy across from you. You can both be taking PEDs for all I care.It’s common in pro football. Right now there are something¬† like 30 players serving suspensions most of them for PEDs. Good or bad it’s just the way it is and it involves every team in the league.