Comer On Man! Again!

By Jack Healey
Terrible week in my NFL picks for week #13. I went 6-10 and now stand at 111-80.
I laugh when the public talks about how bad the media is and then I’m constantly reminded on social media how dumb the public is.
The Patriots lose a game to fall to 10-2 on the year and again social media explodes. Yes it’s about the team that has won six Super Bowls, is the defending champion, has won two of the last three and three since 2015 and has been to three Super Bowls in a row! Come on man!
Don’t get me wrong every year is different and you want to win every year, but you know it’s not realistic. Do the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl this year? I don’t think so as they have a lot of problems, but you never know. I didn’t think the Patriots would make it last year either. A reminder that they finished 11-5 and all five losses were to teams that didn’t make the playoffs. The Pats lost two straight games in December. They lost in the “Miracle in Miami” game and then lost the following week in Pittsburgh. The Patriots were the #2 seed and won the AFC championship game on the road. By the way just to prove that the media isn’t perfect either, yesterday Bart Scott said on Fox that the Patriots have never made it to the Super Bowl when they had to play on the road. The Patriots won the 2001 AFC championship game at Pittsburgh, won the 2004 AFC championship at Pittsburgh and at Kansas City last year. Come on Bart! Do your homework! All you had to do is look back to last year.
So back to the social media explosion yesterday…The Patriots lose to go to 10-2, but the NY Giants lose to go to 2-10…nothing. The NY Jets lose to go to 4-8….nothing and on Thanksgiving the Dallas Cowboys lose to go to 6-6….nothing. Come on Man!